Author Guidelines

Definitive versions of texts must comply with the style sheet provided here. Texts that do not comply with the style sheet will be returned to their authors.

Definitive versions of texts must also be accompanied with a signed “assignment of copywright” form available in English here.


Current evaluation procedures for each issue

The coordinators of the issue will submit all proposed articles to three researchers for external evaluation. In the event of disagreement between reviewers, a fourth evaluation may be sought. The reviewers will evaluate articles submitted to them using the Phronesis evaluation grid available here in English.

Author Guidelines – General presentation rules

1. Formatting:

– Texts must be in Word format only (PC or Mac).

– Texts should follow American Psychological Association (APA) style, adapted in French in accordance with prevailing linguistic standards.

– Each chapter must contain fewer than 60,000 characters (including spaces).

– Texts must be single spaced.

– Text font must be Minion Pro (size 10) or Times New Roman (size 10).


2. Presentation of figures and tables:

– A maximum of three tables are permitted per article. Individual table size should not exceed one page.

– Likewise, a maximum of three figures and diagrams are permitted per article. They must be submitted in .jpeg, .tiff, .pdf or .png format.

– Authors must indicate the respective locations of diagrams, tables, figures, charts, etc. to insert. All such graphical elements must be appended along with any instructions required in order to compose the documents in question.


3. Heading levels

– Three heading levels are permitted.

– Headings and subheadings must be numbered in order to clarify text levels (e.g., 1., 1.1., 1.1.1.).


4. Writing format:

– Italics should be used only for foreign words and book titles.

– Bold should be used only for headings and subheadings.


5. Writing of numbers:

– Numbers from 0 to 10 (inclusive) should always be spelled out, whether they appear at the start of a sentence or not.

– Numbers from 11 and above should be written in numerals (digits) within a sentence; at the start of the sentence, however, they should be spelled out.

– In the case of an enumartion involving several categories and using different numbers within the same sentence, all numbers should be written in numerals.

– Numbers below zero, fractions, ratios and percentages should always be written in numerals.


6. In-text quotations and bibliographical references must follow APA style, 6th edition